Lover's Choice Launches World's First Edible Body Spray Paint and Massage Oil

Highly-anticipated Spray 'n' Play Sexy Body Graffiti Kissable Body Spray Paint & Stencil Kit

 (Carson City, NV) - Lover's Choice announced today the highly-anticipated release of the world's first-ever edible body spray paint and massage oil, the Spray 'n' Play Sexy Body Graffiti Kissable Body Spray Paint & Stencil Kit.

The Body Graffiti Kissable Body Spray Paint & Stencil Kit lets couples playfully freehand flavorful designs on one another or spray on hearts, lips, and hugs/kisses with the included graffiti stencils. They can then massage the spray in or indulge in even more carnal fruits - the non-toxic spray comes in Mango Passion, Sexy Strawberry and Luscious Grape flavors.  

"Lover's Choice is extremely proud to launch the incredibly unique and delightful Spray 'n' Play Sexy Body Graffiti," said Lover's Choice President and CEO Randall Hughes. "The industry has yearned for a product that combines flavored edible body paint with the soothing texture of a premium massage oil into a sprayable, sensual novelty that tantalizes and invigorates. Team Love has dedicated extraordinary research and development resources to meet the complex challenges associated with creating a one-of-a-kind world-class product, proving that good things do indeed come to those who wait." 

The Spray 'n' Play Body Graffiti Kissable Body Spray Paint's creamy colors, aphroditic aromas, scintillating flavors and sensual packaging were developed to satisfy the desires of the product's core 18- to 40-year-old couples demographic. The non-staining spray is easily washed away with soapy water, and comes in a long-lasting 1.7-ounce bottle for one-touch spray 'n' play pleasure. 

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